Medikal releases a diss song aimed at Sister Derby's friend, Lydia Forson - GhKings

Medikal releases a diss song aimed at Sister Derby’s friend, Lydia Forson

Love turned war! Medikal‘s finger is on the trigger and innocent bystanders are catching bullets.

Medikal releases a diss song aimed at Sister Derby’s friend, Lydia Forson | Ghana Music -

Lydia Forson is not so innocent in this case however. Your good friend will ALWAYS support you, defend you, be there, when others are hurting you. Count on it. If not, are they even your friends?

Lydia is quite upset and disappointed Medikal has left her buddy buddy for the curvaceous Fella Makafui.

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The actor and close friend of Medikal’s ex, Sister Derby, has been very vocal on social media about the breakup of Medikal and Sister Derby. In a recent post on Twitter she says:

“You can’t be with someone who woefully lies for a living and not think they won’t lie to you. Aden wa da anaa 😂😂😂😂😂 abowaa…”

Medikal has seemingly responded in a latest diss song titled ‘Open Letter’. Among many shots, a line reads:

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I no dey bab i no dey bab, wadanfo no na ɔshia mi wɔ Kumasi na ɔtwa mi hug etake selfies, ɛkyere mi sɛ ofeeli boy no bad…same person you say she dey follow follow you, too fat to be your friend we she no get kobo too…

Listen to Medikal’s ‘Open Letter’ here:

Meanwhile, Sister Derby is giving out GHC 1000 to weekly winners of the #KakalikaChallenge

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