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Michy becomes Shatta Michy, gets back together with Shatta Wale

There’s a man for every woman and a woman for every man. When you look at Shatta Wale and his baby mama Michy, it is clear to see they are made for each other. The two are back together.

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This two are quite the match. From the outside looking in, it seems they really understand each other. So the news that they had called it quits wasn’t a pleasant one. The news was met with skepticism after all they faked a breakup earlier this year, it is not beyond them. To be honest though it did look pretty serious this time but with time it became clear they were slowly inching their way back to each other till there was no space between them. There is no need to wonder anymore as Shatta himself has confirmed they are back together.

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He said: “Yeah, I am still with her (Shatta Michy), you know its rumours and people always want to put things across and let it look like. This is a girl (Shatta Michy) that knew me from nowhere, you know I was hustling, I was crazy, crazily looking for money and She came into my life and was like I will be with you man.

“So if people say stuffs we just sit and laugh. We have issues, we have problems but I am matured now to know that I have seen how to take care of a family, My son Majesty, my daughter Cherisha. I am always like keeping things to myself, so we good”.

In fact things are so rosy that the couple are set to release another track.
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“We have another one coming out, Its crazy. The next one you hear you will love it. I have the title but I have forgotten cos she is writing her lyrics on that after she writes then I will edit and teach her. So people should watch out”, Shatta assured.


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