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Migos and Lil Yachty drop Joe Budden Diss ‘Ice Tray’ video

Migos and Yachty finally drop the anticipated official Joe Budden video-diss titled, ‘Ice Tray’.

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A while ago, Migos and Lil Yachty dropped “Ice Tray,” which featured the lyric “if a n***a hatin’ call him Joe Budden,” along with an enthused “pu$$y!” ad-lib.

Now, the group have released the anticipated video, which features lookalikes of Akademiks, Nadeska, and of course, Joe Budden.

And while the clip does poke fun at them, it never feels too malicious; as a matter of fact, Yachty previously claimed that they were all having fun with the so-called-beef.

As might be expected, the video features an over-indulgent amount of jewelry; evidently, it’s exactly the problem Faux Budden has with the superstar trip.

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Hit play to watch the video below:

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