All the money in the world cannot take me from Lynx - GhKings

All the money in the world cannot take me from Lynx

Loyalty is something that is in short supply. One dollar may be equal to 4.4 cedis as of now but one loyal person’s value cannot be even estimated in monetary terms before we can sit down to calculate the true value of a loyal person. 

All the money in the world cannot take me from Lynx | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
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In fact loyalty is deemed by many people in business as the most important quality needed to succeed. The common theme of our time is this, a person makes it with a group of people then all of a sudden they either want to ditch them or feel the people cannot help them progress any further. Look at it how you want, it is both good and bad from the perspective you choose to view it from.

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KiDi though has boldly stated that his loyalty lies with Lynx Entertainment. He went as far as to say he would reject even two (2) million dollars from Zylofon in order to stay with his “family” Lynx Entertainment.

According to him, his current record label Lynx Entertainment is like a family to him and won’t do anything to put that in jeopardy. Maintaining that, the most important thing for him now is building his brand and after that all the money will follow. The music act, revealed this when speaking in an interview with Foster Romanus on The Late Nite Celebrity Show.

“I cannot leave Lynx Entertainment for anything else; they are like a family to me and won’t do any move that will destroy that relationship”

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Everyone has their price to be frank, was KiDi subtly stating that his price is higher than two million dollars?


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