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Mortuary man: I only took Ebony’s video for Investigation

The mortuary man has surfaced to give reason why he recorded the video of the deceased singer Ebony and friend Franky Kuri.

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According to Yen, he (mortuary man) claims to have recorded the video for police investigators who ordered him.

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The attendant spoke in a radio interview through his friend as he has reportedly gone into hiding. There is currently a public outrage over a leaked video of some men ‘playing with’ the dead bodies of Ebony Reigns and her friend, Franky Kuri.

In the video which we obviously cannot post here, a mortuary attendant is seen touching the boobs and other body parts of Ebony and Franky whiled his colleague filmed him. This has been described as disgusting by many Ghanaians with the father of Ebony hinting of suing the hospital for the conduct of the mortuary man.

But the mortuary man who was spotted in the video handling the corpses in a playful manner has defended his actions.

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According to him, he had been ordered by Police investigators to who came to the mortuary to film the bodies for them to assist them in their investigation. In a message relayed through his friend, the mortuary man explained that he did no wrong because to get very good shots, he [mortuary man] asked his colleague to video the bodies while he kept turning them.

“He was asked by the pathologists working on the bodies to go and check if the bodies were ready to undergo autopsy, he took videos of them so it could be used as evidence,” the friend who describes the now infamous man as a well-respected mortuary man reportedly told Kumasi-based Nhyira FM.

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