No Africa actress makes money from just movies, they “sell their bodies” too – Princess Shyngle

Gambian actress Princess Shyngle says Africa cannot boast of a single female movie star who makes money from just acting in movies.



According to her, the movie industry is not that lucrative as some celebrities make it look.

Shyngle stated that most of the actresses seen living luxurious lifestyles, engage in sexual activities with rich men to maintain their way of life.

In a tweet, the curvy actress noted that anytime she post a picture, men run to her inbox and are willing to pay any amount to sleep with her

She said, “that’s why when I see all these lying ass actresses claiming success and blessings from acting movie I just laugh my ass out as in the same men sponsoring your life style are on my dms oh or their pimps are on my dm the funny thing is these same men that sleep with y’all brag about it oh, they tell us oh . Don’t let anyone fool you oh there is no actress that made her riches from just acting movies you’ll have to act 150 movies and save that money to afford a Range Rover or a 1st class ticket abroad”.

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