It is true your own people never appreciate you - Wiyaala - GhKings

It is true your own people never appreciate you – Wiyaala

Acceptance, everyone wants it but very few get it. If you are different from the crowd chances are that you may never truly be accepted, Wiyaala claims that is how she feels and thus operates internationally.

It is true your own people never appreciate you - Wiyaala | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
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Being different is a hard task, sticking out from the crowd makes your work hard. In order to be able to stand out you have to be self confident and you have to be very comfortable in your own skin. Cause all eyes on you, you cannot show weakness. Wiyaala has been around for quite a bit but according to the singer the Ghanaian public is lukewarm towards her craft. Granted her music is so African that we ought to pay attention to her just because of that but in truth she is way different from what we are used to.

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“I am an untamed lioness, I’m doing my thing and they need to accept that. If they will like to support they should’, the Rock my body singer said.

These days a racy video and some catchy lyrics and bang you are hit, you are in the game but for those who refuse to simply do that to make some quid they are forced to go looking for purveyors of their talent elsewhere. Wiyaala is no different, according to the singer she has been forced to perform outside Ghana mainly because show organisers are not interested in her. The reasons as to why they are not interested we can only speculate.

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But sadly as the saying goes, a prophet is never appreciated in his or her own country.


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