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P-Square no closer to getting back together

Teams exist everywhere, everything we venture into can be done with the help of a team. After all as the popular proverb states two heads are better than one.

P-Square no closer to getting back together | Nigeria Music - GhKings.Com

Another shoulder to cry on, another mind to pick during a brainstorming process, someone to celebrate with when there are victories and triumphs and someone to cry with when times get hard, when the team loses the team members lose. If the team is an all-conquering one then the identities of the team members become intertwined, this was the case of popular Nigerian musical duo P-Sqaure.

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The duo took the musical world by storm and were the benchmark for music in Africa for many many years. The duo are blood relatives to the deepest core as both of them came from the same womb minutes after each other. The identical twins delighted us all with their hits like “Roll It” and “Chop My Money” to name a few up until a few years ago. Their breakup shocked us all, with a swift reunion expected. When that failed to materialise the understanding was that eventually we would get our hearts’ desires granted. The vibe though is not positive with regards to a reunion as one of the duo stated why they are no closer to getting together than when they spilt up.

According to Paul Okoye, he is always the first to make up anytime there is a rift between them and sometimes waits for several months before they get back together. He said that what actually made them go solo finally is that this time he refused to wait or make up but decided to move on. The “Nagode” hit maker disclosed that nothing has changed and that the only difference notable is that he will be seen performing alone.

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“I never left and I don’t know why people keep asking me that. It might be the fourth time it’s happening but I always wait. But this time the difference is that I did not wait. So I don’t have issues on that. There was a bit of a breakdown when it happened and everyone was in shock because usually when things happen like that, I wait for almost nine months. But this time, I had to move on with my life and under two months, it became normal for me. It’s the same old thing. There’s nothing new. The only part I know is different is performing alone because at the early stage I wasn’t used to it but now, I am used to it”. he added. Subsequent to the duo going solo, Nigerians became so bitter that they even branded them as “upcoming artistes”. Paul Okoye (Rude Boy) and Peter Okoye (Mr. P) are currently trying to push their solo career as they have dropped a couple of singles.

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It is often said that for any relationship to last someone has to be the fool but for any relationship to last the role of the fool should be interchangeable between the parties involved. After all no one can be a fool forever.


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