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Pappy Kojo claps back

Everyone wants to be respected, everyone wants to be taken seriously in their chosen field of work. One of the most painful insults that can be thrown at a person stem from their abilities.

Pappy Kojo claps back | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

Telling a rapper he or she is not very good is sure to hurt them. But hey freedom of speech if you put yourself in the public domain you have to come to the understanding people will say things that will hurt you to your core, things that would you would not expect to hear in your scariest nightmare.

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Pappy Kojo is often disrespected to be honest. In fact he is sure to feature in list of top five most underrated rappers in Ghana.

Fact is that Pappy has his own style, it will definitely appeal to some but not all. He is sure to have followers and detractors in equal measure it comes with the territory. But you cannot hit someone again and again without them fighting back.

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