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Let us preserve my daughter’s memory – Ebony’s mum

Death awaits us all, it is an inevitability. We all die that is assured the only difference is when we will die and the circumstances with which we will embrace death.

Some of us are lucky to go gracefully what doctors call death of natural courses. Some of us too my not be so lucky in the way in which we will need death. Whether painless or painful in the end we will all meet death.

Once we die the magnitude of our existence is brought to bear as our deeds and our life is inspected by the living. But for those closest to the deceased their utmost desire is for time to pass quickly. That memories of them be immortalised. That is the desire of the mum of the late dancehall queen Ebony Reigns.

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In an interview with Adom TV, she stated that she desires to keep the memories of her daughter alive, and therefore wants the media to keep playing the songs. “I still don’t believe my daughter is dead even after her burial, because her songs are all over, reminding me of the great daughter I bore. I plead with you, the people in media not to stop playing her songs”, Ebony’s mum stated.

She also debunked rumours circulating that she and her daughter were not really on good terms, leading to Ebony’s behavior.

What is the real name of Ebony’s mother?

“My daughter and I were very close and I used to come to Ghana twice every year to spend time with her, but the nature of her job did not allow us to spend much time together as we would have expected”, she said. Real name Beatrice Oppong, Ebony’s mum said she is surprised at the manner in which some Ghanaians talk about a supposed grudge between them. She urged Ghanaians to stop spreading those rumors because she had no grudges against anyone.

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The plea of a grieving mother is one that is hard to witness, what is even more difficult is for a parent to put their child in the ground. The expected natural order of things being that we are born grow into adulthood and have kids who will also one day tend to us in our old age, children whom when our time comes they will do what is right and befitting of us and calmly lay us to rest as we move into the next plane of existence.

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Written by Odeneho

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