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If I were President, Shatta Wale shares his vision for Ghana

Freedom of speech is arguably the most popular and widely used right out there, as a living breathing human being you have every right to share your thoughts on a given subject matter regardless of your standing in society. El Shatta, Shatta Wale, has recently shared his vision for Ghana if he were president.

If I were President, Shatta Wale shares his vision for Ghana | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

According to him, if the white man was still in charge of the reins of governance, Ghana would be better. He cited South Africa, as one country that has beautiful environment because the colonial masters stayed there for a long time.

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South Africa is always clearly cited as an example of development in Africa but we forget about the diamonds of Botswana, the point is we as a people are more than capable of running ourselves. The love for our nation should be our foremost priority.

“See black man. Black man no dey fit keep e own things well. You go white man e country, you go see things. Go see South Africa. Mandela said ‘let the white people stay here and do their work’,” he said in pidgin English.

“Ghana we dey here. No place fine. Ghana no fine. Forget them. Our leaders, dem for wake up. Ebe disgrace. We know too much,” he added.

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Finally, he intimated that he has what it takes to change the country. Make dem get me, President Shatta, make I rule the country. Like I go break people dema houses. Because if you dey plane inside, the way you see the houses, like nkokor binnn,” he said. Poor sanitation has been one of the biggest problems in Ghana but since he assumed office, the President, Akufo-Addo, has vowed to make Accra the cleanest city in West Africa. These days in Ghana one ought to be patriotic lest Anas Aremeyaw catches you.


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