Another Prophecy! This time Stonebwoy the Alleged Target of Death - GhKings

Another Prophecy! This time Stonebwoy the Alleged Target of Death

The brouhaha between Stonebwoy and Zylofon just got spiritual. The ability to see into the spiritual realm to communicate with the ‘Father Almighty is a gift “very few” do posses.

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This gift enables one to see things even before they happen, usually in order to avert the oncoming disaster. These kind of gifted people used to be rare, that is until recently of course.

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Since then the number of people with the ability of perception in the spiritual realm has multiplied and proliferated at an astounding rate. The despairing thing though is the news they are bringing forth is never positive. Death galore you could say, that is what they are spewing. Some surprisingly though claim the disasters cannot be averted. This situation can be likened to a speeding car with faulty brakes on the motorway, it is only a matter of time before the crashes and its passengers are all lost to the cold icy hands of death.

Prophecies within the current Ghanaian climate surprise no one, there is no surprise no shock almost no visible human emotion for the number of prophecies are enough to fill the pages of a thousand page novel. Death was sadly victorious in robbing the Ghanaian music industry of a major talent, the likes of which we might never see again. A happy girl lost sadly to death. Since then though the prophecies have still been sprouting up like plants in a farm. The president of SM was listed, he replied back furiously mincing no words. In poker, they would say he called the prophet’s bluff. His time with the prophets is old news now. We await the given deadline to see how it will all go.

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The prophecies though are still sprouting, the next target also being a major dancehall artiste. This time the leader of the Bhim Nation is the supposed person whose death has been foreseen.

Good news though is there is a way for this one to be averted as one Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran claimed all can be solved if Stonebwoy returns all Zylofon Media‘s possessions in his custody.

The prophet using an unorthodox medium to get his message across, Facebook  made this known in a recent post on the popular social media networking site. The positive news is this one has a solution and can be averted.

Another Prophecy! This time Stonebwoy the Alleged Target of Death | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

The preservation of life is the utmost priority. The veracity of this prophecy though we cannot ascertain but hey this is Ghana, home of the prophecies.

By: Kwaku Owusu-Ansah / GhKings.Com


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