This purchase policy applies to making a transaction on GhKings. This policy is designed to both facilitate our quality of services and also protect our cherished customers.

Any transaction made on GhKings platform will be deemed as, you have fully read and understood both our Terms of Services and also our Purchase Policy.

By using GhKings, you agree:

You’re not to alter any virtual/downloaded product purchased on our website that is song, images, text etc under no circumstance. Materials are still rightfully owned by authors and copyright owners.

Visa Card Fraud / Impersonation
GhKings is strongly against the use of any unauthorized Visa Credit / Debit Card on our platforms. If we suspect any fraud activity on our system, your account will be suspended and your details will be shared with appropriate investigative authorities.

You shall therefore not hold GhKings or affiliates liable to damages resulting from such activities.

Chargebacks / Refund
GhKings strive to provide enough demos, previews, excerpts and more to let our customers know what they’re purchasing. Any purchase made on GhKings will be considered as; you’re in the rightful mind state and fully aware of your intentions to do transactions on the Website.

Always be sure to listen to song previews, images and reviews before purchasing.

Even though we’ve made it easier and accessible to purchase songs on GhKings, we do not automatically deduct or debit your account when you click “Buy Now”. You’re taken to the next step to confirm your invoices.

We shall not refund any successful transactions on our platform. But in the case there’s a double purchase of a song by the same account, we shall refund only one.

Account security
It’s your obligation to protect your account at all cost. Be sure not to share your login details with anyone. GhKings will never ask for you to provide password at anytime. If you suspect any unauthorized actions on your account, please change your password and report to an administrator here

We hope you enjoy Ghana and African music with us!