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R. Kelly returns to court: Stands accused of Sex Trafficking by 28-year-old

A 28-year-old, Jerhonda Pace has accused singer R. Kelly of sex trafficking. The alleged victim takes the witness stand as she battles it out with the defence team on Thursdy, 19 August, 2021.

For the past few months “I Believe I Can Fly” singer has gone from bad to worse to bad situations in and out of courtrooms, as allegations pour in from all sides. The 54-year-old has been given his day in court to argue his innocence in front of a judge and jury system.

So far, it doesn’t seem like all is going in his favor as he is facing, more intense charges that could keep him going to court till the end of the year. His recent court case is against one of his accusers by the name of Jerhonda Pace.

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She resumed court today, to testify on the alleged horrible acts that R. Kelly put her through, as well as other ladies that she knew about at the time. Although her stance consistently received backlash from the singer’s attorney, the alleged victim is standing her ground in court to reveal what she swears is the truth.

What is R Kelly’s real name?

It’s unclear at this moment what will happen to Robert Sylvester Kelly if he is found guilty of this new crime, but it’s definitely not going to be a pretty sentence. Keep your fingers crossed on this one as you scroll further to read more details on this new court case.

In the early hours of Monday, the accuser, Jerhonda Pace took to the stand in a Brooklyn Federal court, to reveal her side of the story, in an attempt to convince the judge and anonymous jury that R. Kelly is guilty of the crimes she accused him of.

In her initial statement, she revealed that the “The World’s Greatest” singer occasionally them during sexual encounters, where he would also reportedly ask her to dress like a ‘Girl Scout.’ She went on to say that this lasted for a while from when she was a minor.

Furthermore, she disclosed that she met the singer when she was a 16-year-old virgin and a member of his fan club. Then she noted that she was invited to his mansion one day, an invitation she accepted. On getting to the mansion, Pace said she was given strict rules that were termed ‘Rob’s rules.’ These rules detailed what she could wear when she could use the restroom, and who she could converse with.

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In a graphic description of one of the costumes the singer allegedly made her wear, Pace said that she sometimes wore Pigtail or dressed like a ‘Girl Scout,’ to engage in sexual activities that were filmed.

Per The Bellingham Herald, during the cross-examination, Pace was accused of being a blatant liar, which she rebutted immediately.

The cross-examiner and Kelly’s legal representative, Deveraux Cannick mentioned that Pace had the dates and times that she met with the singer mixed up, which could only mean that she was fabricating the stories to get the defender into trouble with the court.

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