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Reports indicate Rihanna will drop 2 albums this year

A source close to Rihanna’s camp has told Metro all about the progress of her next records with the star currently “very busy in the studio” working on new music.

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Rihanna wasn’t happy with how her last album performed even though she loved how it turned out, she knows she needs a new project full of smash hits to avoid two back-to-back flops,” the source told Metro.

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The source continued to say that the singer was releasing two records which one is full of chart-friendly songs, and another made up of moody and experimental tracks and is also considering releasing a double disc if she feels the songs won’t mesh well on the same album.

According to NME, the album could be released this year 2018 by Christmas. Riri is not giving much info but she did mention the possibility of releasing a reggae-centric album publicly during a Vogue profile for the June issue, however, she and her potential collaborators have been quiet ever since.

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It is alleged that the star might be shooting a movie with popular ‘This is America’ singer Childish Gambino also known as Donald Clover reported Essence. Rihanna and Donald had the internet in a tizzy on Wednesday when a photo of the duo surfaced online.

[via: Metro, NME, Essence]


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