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Sarkodie wants to emulate Daddy Lumba

Consistency, you cannot escape this term. If you want to be taken seriously in anything you do, you have to be consistent. You have to be able to set a good standard and be able to meet that standard.

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You must be capable of always meeting that standard if you cannot surpass it, your craft must always fall in line. But that is easier said than done. It is so difficult to consistently be at the top of your game, we are told to work hard all the time but it is virtually impossible to always work hard. A boxer for instance cannot aggressively be throwing punches from round one to twelve in a bout, he or she has to be tactical in the way they expend their energy.

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In fact it seems if longevity is the goal then you have to work smart instead. You have to be able to carve out that which is necessary or important and then focus your energies on developing that part of your craft. In music it happens to be building a good brand, the brand enables you to get diehard fans who will go above and beyond to make sure you make money whenever you want.

One such musician is the legendary Daddy Lumba. Sarkodie claims he would like be like Lumba, not always releasing music but still remaining a big player in the industry and making money whiles relaxing.

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He said, “I want to end up like Daddy Lumba who won’t sing the whole year but can wake up any month and organize shows and will still take any amount maybe I (Sarkodie) cannot charge. He still rocks big shows without any hit song.”


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