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Shatta-Stonebwoy Feud: Sarkodie has some advice for Charter House

Sarkodie has stepped in after the VGMA organisers, Charter House banned Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale.

The winner of “Artiste of the Decade” has rebuked the organisers and their decision following the awards night’s scuffle by the feuding dancehall musicians.

The organisers of the awards, Charter House, has recalled all the plaques the dancehall musicians won on that night and subsequently banned them from the scheme indefinitely.

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Below are the long tweets by Sarkodie.

“We can condemn our brothers on their acts but we can’t rule out the root cause that provided that environment for the unfortunate incident… Charter house can’t leave all blames on the artists . NO!!”

“Earlier I was encouraging companies to support a lot more with their sponsorships and my tweets might seem all over the place and mayb not even make sense but with this charter house decision, I think we gotto say it as it is …”

“Supporters of football are allowed to come support at the stadium but not at award nights where same teams and individual players are been awarded … it’s not done”

“First off all big award shows like the Grammys BET MTV etc don’t open to the public to just buy tickets and come to the event ( and its for a reason )… it’s not a concert … first mistake by Charter house”

“As much as award nights are meant to celebrate artists, it stairs up a lot of emotions and therefore you wanna create the right environment to contain that”

“Charter house sell tickets for award show which is wrong ( but I only understand due to lack of funds to put up a top notch event like the vgma ) but it still doesn’t make it right”

“Cos to have our fans in the same building with us receiving awards you know that could go left”

“Caf awards don’t open to the public so if you are a foot ball fan, you can cheer from home and when you disappointed , you can deal with that at home too”

“We have our free will on how we react but you don’t create an environment to test people’s emotions … not everyone can take that”

“The fans were not wrong for cheering ( they are there anyways ) but that right there can get a lot in their feelings and even winners overreacting”

“To my point I was making earlier , charter house needs enough funds to make this show happen and that’s why I plead with sponsors to go in a bit more so we can still maintain this prestigious award ceremony and keep the standards high …”

“But for charter house to push blame on our brothers and leave their faults out , that’s wrong … Security was bad and a whole lot I don’t wanna go into …”

“Charter house y’all don’t have to act that quick with your decision cos we could do same to you … My wish is for both sides ( we as artists and you as organizers ) to work on our mistakes and not one side taking a harsh decision “

Sarkodie was also joined in a similar tweet by actress Lydia Forson, she also said;

“Dear Chatterhouse, For 20 + years you’ve worked to entertain and help grow our industries.

We appreciate you.

But, what we’re NOT going to do is pretend you’re not equally complicit in what happened on Saturday.

No no no ‼️”

What are your thoughts? Drop your comments below.

Written by Kingsley OB

Filmmaker and music enthusiast at GhKings.
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