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Shatta urges Ghanaians to be loyal to their own

Shatta Wale has never been one to lie down and quit, he’s a survivor. Following the snub in Nigeria, a painful one at that, we need to band together and Shatta agrees as he’s asked Ghanaian musicians to back each other.

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The snub Shatta and Stonebwoy received reflects on all of us, they were after all representing Ghana. We’ve made our stand clear, we need to start backing our artistes instead of expanding the network of foreigners.

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There is so much backbiting in the industry but which group of people are responsible for it? The artistes are responsible. Constant bickering and dirtying of each other is the norm.

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Every one loves a good fight every now and then but constant beefs interest no one. It is time Ghanaian artistes presented a united front and came together to support each other.



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