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Shatta Wale and Michy get steamy on Snapchat

Love is nothing if not adaptable. Love is different for everybody, for Shatta Wale and his baby mama Michy love is steamy. The two had quite the steamy Snapchat convo this evening, seems a reunion is near.

Shatta recently gave us an insight into how deep his relationship with Michy is. The rumour mill has been running amok with several news outlets reporting that the two may be getting back together. From the recent flirtatious convo back on Snapchat, it does seem the two are gradually working their way back to each other. Most couples prefer to sort out their issues in private but these two aren’t most couples.

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He shared; “Do u knowen you drip, the taste alone makes me wanna eat you all night.. can I have that again, please “ Minutes later posting that on his snap, his baby mama Michy made an announcement that Shatta Wale’s manhood was for the community.

Taking to her snap, she also posted; ” But first, you need to be delivered from your C.D.S (Community d**k syndrome)@ everybody’s boo”
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Shatta and Michy get steamy

From just analysing the convo from Snapchat, it is clear to see the two are still into each other. Michy though makes it clear that she’s not into sharing, and that if Shatta is serious about getting back together he needs to get his act straight and get rid of all the other women. Shatta, the ball is in your court. Play your cards right and you might just get to unload your equipment in her court.


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