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Sista Afia dreaming of collaboration with Sarkodie

Sarkodie is one of the undisputed if not the biggest boy in the Ghanaian music industry. His longevity and consistency is something all upcoming artistes desire.

Sista Afia dreaming of collaboration with Sarkodie | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
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In fact even those in the industry as bonafide stars secretly admire him, some can say it point blank others too cannot. It is understandable regardless. Obidi has taken Ghanaian music to lengths even the most optimistic of dreamers could not have even wished for. Such is the pedigree of the man and the artiste. Ask any body trying to make it in the music industry who they look up to and Sarkodie will nine times out of ten be one of the first names out of their mouth. A lot of people can relate to his story of starting from nothing and turning it into something. The brand that Sarkodie thus has created and consolidated at the top of the Ghanaian music industry has made him very attractive to many fellow artistes and commercial brands as well. If your track on its own can hit in West Africa then featuring Sarkodie on it will make it hit in Africa.

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Afia is a talented upcoming artiste, she is relatively new around the block. She is still trying to carve out a brand for herself, she has earned herself a reputation. And just like any upcoming artiste in Ghana she would like to further enhance that brand by working alongside Sarkodie. But apparently she is intimidated by the brand that is Sarkodie but no worries she has promised to conquer her fear and work her way towards Sark.

Responding to a question posed by a fan who wished to know when she would record a song with Sarkodie, Sista Afia in exclusive interview with NY DJ on RYSENSHYNE in Kumasi revealed she was extremely scared of the rapper hence the inability to approach him.

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“Sarkodie has been in this industry for so long a time and built a very respectable and solid brand that makes it hard to touch him. Although I know he’s been very receptive to a number of young talents and has a very good heart especially for the female musicians, my fear is whether he would want to associate with the young brand, I’ve built or accept a feature from me”, she said.

Sista Afia is however optimistic that she will overcome her fears soon and make that move on Sark.


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