South African artists Protest Against Burna Boy, Say They Don’t Want Him In Their Country

Some musicians in South Africa who are under the aegis of Tshwane Collective have sent a petition to the minister of arts and culture, asking Burna Boy is not included in two concerts scheduled for 23 and 24 November.


This reaction comes as a result of the tweet Burna Boy posted during the Xenophobic attack on Nigerians in South Africa by South Africans where he said he would never step a foot in South Africa ever again.

It appears the award winning superstar has now been booked for a show in the country and some South Africans truly want him to abide by that tweet as they don’t want him in their country.

They wrote; “He promised to never set a foot in SA again until the government “wakes the f*ck up and really performs a miracle.”


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