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This Witch-hunt against Shattta Wale……

Shatta Wale gets a lot of stick but no one is perfect. We all have our faults and truthfully no one likes their faults to be pointed out. Nobody likes constant negativity. 

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First off Ghana isn’t a village and will never be a village. Sure we’re not up there with the elite nations but we aren’t wholly that bad, we’re best classified as a developing country.

Shatta’s comments weren’t the most diplomatic but then he’s not a diplomat.

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We could argue about his choice of words all day but the plea behind it deserves as much attention. We need all then manpower we can get to develop.

Shatta Wale is no saint, that much is true but he’s always being attacked. Today Shatta this tomorrow Shatta that. It feels like a witch hunt to be honest.

Controversy sells, his methods aren’t always the best but he’s getting Ghanaian music out there. Who knows maybe one day future artistes will benefit from the platform he’s created.

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