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Top 10 Most Popular Songs by SHATTA WALE This Year – 2017

From every street to every corner, Shatta Wale has captured many ears for a long time now.

By the end of last year, it was acclaimed Shatta had released over hundred singles. The year hasn’t ended a he’s already released over fifty (50) songs already.

Top 10 Most Popular Songs by SHATTA WALE This Year - 2017 | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale

Most of his projects are done by him under the name Da Maker. Though songs like Taking Over, Bumper, Umbrella, Forgetti, Allo, Don’t Go There were produced by Willis Beat.

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Below is list of his top 10 most popular songs which has taken over the airwaves.

1. Taking Over feat. Joint 77, Addi Self, Captan

With over four (4) million views on YouTube, surely this song has “Taken’ Over” top charts across the country. A boastful song, yet contains a patriotic message which most definitely will be on the lips of every Ghanaian. The song was produced by Willis Beat. Listen to the song

“We taking over, We dey show Ghana”.

This song surely resurrects the pride of being a Ghanaian!


2. Ayoo

Ayoo follows the list of top hit songs by Shatta Wale this year. Well known to cause unnecessary stir, Shatta continues to use his music to battle political issues and also fight for the music industry. He’s also well acclaimed to have revolutionized dancehall music scene in Ghana. Listen to the song


3. Hosanna feat Burna Boy

Shatta Wale celebrates success with Nigerian comrade Burna Boy on this one. The song which was released in February has close to two (2) million views on YouTube  and it’s enjoying massive plays in pubs around the country. The song was produced by Shatta himself. Listen to the song


4. Umbrella

Also produced by Willis Beats, this song has captured the hearts of many Ghanaians. it’s only right after Hosanna that you can be an umbrella to your partner. The song takes up number four (4) spot on the list. Listen to the song


5. Low Tempo feat Shatta Michy

This song here put Shatta Michy on a pedestal where many compared her to other popular female musicians in the industry. Though the music was written by Shatta, she perfectly delivered her verse and we all love it. “Low Tempo” is also one popular songs this year. Song produced by himself. Listen to the song Checkout: Top 10 Ghanaian Popular Songs Played at Every Wedding (2017)

6. Forgetti feat Joint 77, Addi Self, Pope Skinny, Captan & Natty Lee

Shatta’s new found chemistry with his comrades continues to cause explosion in the lab. This song continues to push for number one (1). It’s always lit with Joint 77, Addi Self, Pope Skinny, Captan and Natty Lee. Listen to the song


7. Allo 

Sometimes we all question whether Shatta Wale’s songs are all dancehall or distin. LOL. This is actually a hip-life song featuring the man insane, Kwaw Kese. This song is also produced by Willis Beats. Listen to the song


8. Bumper

This song takes number eight (8) spot on the list. Willis continues to make hit songs for Shatta and this is one of them. The song couldn’t get any hotter – it was also coupled with raunchy visuals. The video also has close to million views on YouTube.
Listen to the song


9. Strongman

Song produced by Shatta. The list is not complete without this song. ‘Strongman’ enjoys massive airplay around every corner. The  Listen to the song


10. Don’t Go There

Last on the list is ‘Don’t Go There’. Released earlier this year, the song also enjoys major public plays with increasing online downloads. Also the production credit goes Willis. Listen to the song


Click to listen Freedom by Shatta Wale Click to listen F.U.*C.K.I.N.G. by Shatta Wale


Here’s a list of few notable ones including features.

Shatta Wale – Go Shordy (Feat Shatta Michy & Majesty)

Sista Afia – Jeje (Feat Shatta Wale) (2016)

R2Bees – One Shot (Feat Shatta Wale & Shatta Wale)

Dammy Krane – Gbetiti (Feat Shatta Wale)


Please comment below your favourite on the list or didn’t make it.

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