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TOP Trending Kumerica Drill Music

Here’s a list of the top trending songs and videos coming from “Kumerica”

“Kumerica” is the latest trend and there’s no escape! The movement has garnered a lot of support and debate on the internet, and we are here to bring you all the gist.

So, for everybody new to this name “Kumerica”, it is basically a jargon denoting the city of Kumasi in the Ashanti region and America (United States of America).

One should not draw any malice from the movement as it just pure fun and creativity brewed by artists like City Boy, Reggie, Kawabanga, Braa Benk and more.

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However fanatics have stretched their creativity and connotations with the popular UK drill music. It’s only right since some inspirations were drawn from the late American rapper Pop Smoke, who was also heavily influenced by UK drill.

Without any further ado, checkout the list of the top 11 music coming from The Kumerica.

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KawabangaAkatafoc feat. O’Kenneth, Reggie, Jay Bahd


City BoyIdi Koko feat. Jay Bahd, Reggie GAK


O’kenneth & ReggieYa Parke


Braa BenkDabro feat. Kwaku DMC


Oseikrom SikaniiNever Give Up feat. Ypee Baakop3


GAKBig Flex feat. Kawabanga


Sean Lifer – Ma Drip feat. O’Kenneth, Reggie, Jay Bhad, Kweku DMC, Kawabanga, City Boy


Kofi Jamar – Ekosor feat. Yaw TOG, YPee


Life Living RecordsOne Day feat. Obey, O’kenneth, City Boy, Kwaku DMC


Kweku FlickMoney


Kwaku DMCOff White Flow


Jay BahdSuzy feat. Kwaku DMC, City Boy


ReggieAkata Gang Gang


Kwaku DMC – Booze (Drunk Music) feat. Jay Bahd, Obey, Bra Benk, City Boy


Kofi Jamar – Ekorso (feat Yaw Tog x Ypee)


Drop your comments below and let’s know if you’re ready to grab your Kumerica passport.

Written by Kingsley OB

Filmmaker and music enthusiast at GhKings.
TWITTER: @Kingsley_OB

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