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Twitter is on fire with New Hashtag #SARKODIEorEL

Twitter has one of its trend blazing hashtags #SARKODIEorEL set on fire! This does not come to us as a great surprise that fans are comparing the two rappers – Sarkodie or EL.

Twitter is on fire with New Hashtag #SARKODIEorEL
EL (left), Sarkodie (right)

This trend may have come about after Sarkodie’s new single Bossy was dropped – many fans having been wondering whether in the new single, the shots were fired at co-rapper, EL.

Click to listen to Bossy by Sarkodie

Sarkodie and EL are both two (2) great artists to have ever emerged from Ghana, and to us, we only consider this a healthy online-forum to keep rappers and other musicians on their toes in the industry.

Click to watch EL’s new video Kaa Bu Ame

Take a look at some of the hilarious tweets fans have shared;





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