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UG and KNUST SRC Prez aspirants contemplate suicide after losing

Everything must have a beginning, Rome after all was not built in a day. Any successful company or person we see out on the street is as a result of years and years of gruelling hard work, this is a veritable fact.

UG and KNUST SRC Prez aspirants contemplate suicide after losing | GhKings XTRA - GhKings.Com

Just approach them and ask them and you would be surprised by the amount of they put in. One thing that oddly enough a lot of successful people will tell you about is about their failures. You are likely to hear that their failures shaped their characters and further enhanced their desires for success more than their victories. The words may not be the exact same thing as the ones being used in this article but the underlying message is undoubtedly the same thing, before you can be successful you have to fail you have to taste it every now and then but you have to keep going.

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The point of it all is the fact that of late there are some disturbing trends going on in the some of the tertiary institutions in the country. Student politics is way more competitive that we think or can even fathom. It is a whole new ball game on its own. One that political parties are absent from but all the same loyalties are fostered and exist as well. It is a complicated web of lies, it is politics just that the area of rule is less and the term of office happens to be for a year only.

Recently Ghana’s topmost public universities, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and the University of Ghana all elected new student leaders. That was all well and truly nice but the disturbing link between the two happens to be this. Even though separated by hundreds of kilometres, suicidal thoughts gripped SRC prez candidates who lost on both campuses.

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In the case of KNUST, the student started by posting messages depicting suicide on his WhatsApp status, he would suddenly then vanish and cause panic within the school. The good news though is that he has been found and us currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation and treatment. The gentleman by the name of David Elikem caused so much fear and panic but at least the disaster was averted. The trend has continued in Legon where a candidate by the name of Scharndorff is threatening to commit suicide after losing heavily. These trends are disturbing and we need to curb them. If Kwame Nkrumah had given up after the first obstacle Ghana would probably not have gained independence in 1957.


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