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Universal Music BLOCKS Kanye West’s ‘Jail 2’ because of DaBaby and Marilyn Manson?

It was way overdue, but one does not question the magician when and how he pulls his/her magic – the story of Kanye West‘s elusive ‘Donda’ is one to ponder on.

However, there’s been new development shortly after the album found its way to streaming services. According to Kanye West, it seems like it wasn’t his intention to let the rabbit out of the hat yet.

Over the past month, speculations as to when the full body of work was going to be released was only a question to the gods.

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As GhKings reported, the album was scheduled to drop on 3 September, 2021, but today it looks like manna decided to fall unbeknownst to many. The magician ‘Ye’ finally decided to pull his trick and onlookers we caught off guard.

But as your authoritative music platform, we got you! However, shortly after some time, some tracks including ‘Donda Chant’, ‘Jail’ and ‘God Breathed’ begun to disappear from the UK Apple Music store.

Kanye West had come on Instagram to reveal that it wasn’t his intention to release ‘Donda’ today (28 August, 2021). According to him, Universal Music Group ‘leaked’ his album and also blocked ‘Jail 2’ which featured DaBaby and Marilyn Manson, off the project. In the early hours, the ‘Jail 2’ was not available.

Now, rapper DaBaby has recently been in centre of controversies after he made homophobic remarks at the Rolling Loud Miami concert. DaBaby had also ‘addressed’ the issue on Kanye’s tape, he rapped,

“I said one thing they ain’t like, threw me out like they ain’t care for me
Threw me out like I’m garbage, huh?
And that food that y’all took off my table
You know that feed my daughters, huh? (Mmm)
But I ain’t really mad, ’cause when I look at it
I’m getting them snakes up out my grass”

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It looks like Universal Music Group was yet to get clearance to put out Dababy’s verse.

Marilyn Manson, real name Brian Hugh Warner, has also recently been accused of abuse by his former fiancée Evan Rachel Wood. Following the allegations, other several women have come forth to accuse him of rape. Marilyn Manson has vehemently denied all allegations. He was dropped by his record label, his talent agency and more.

‘Jail 2’ is the 24th track on Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ and it quite controversial. It seems like to UMG was trying to avoid any cancel culture, however the song is now available as part of the album on major streaming services.

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