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We have not deprived presenters and musicians over the jobs of TV– Actress Emelia Brobbey.

Ghanaian “kumawood” Star actress Emelia Brobbey has denied reports that movie stars are taking over the job of TV/Radio presenters in Ghana.


With the Ghanaian movie industry taking a declining, a number of Ghanaian actors and actresses have found ways to rebrand themselves, stay relevant and top of it, make some good money.

Notable among them are Nana Ama McBrown, Akrobeto, Emelia Brobbey, and a number of others who have either taken to hosting talk shows and creating content for their YouTube channels.

This, however, does not sit well with a number of people who believe the actors and actresses are running some people out of their jobs and should rather focus on keeping the movie industry alive.

Emelia Brobbey however disagrees and shares a different opinion. Speaking in an exclusive interview NY DJ on RYSENSHYNE, the actress although admits the current state of the movie industry has had a role to play in this new trend, her colleagues were not kicking musicians and TV presenters out of their jobs.

Emelia who recently released a new single Fa Me Ko explained saying,

“We are still doing what we used to do. We are still teaching, we are still empowering, and encouraging people because throughout shows and music since it’s the same platform. We are still in the same creative space. It’s just one big creative space and I don’t see anything different”, she said. She currently hosts a number of TV shows and has recently ventured into music.

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