Worlasi has Answer for Fan who wants Free Music from Him - GhKings

Worlasi has Answer for Fan who wants Free Music from Him

In an era where musicians are finding innovative ways to monetize their creativity and popularity, there are some fans who seem not to understand why that’s the case.

Worlasi has Answer for fan who wants Free Music from Him | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
Worlasi, musician.

For such fans, they want these artists to release their work for free. In their minds, giving out music for free is one way to promote their popularity.

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One of such people with this mentality is a ‘fan’ by the name @Crackers_Lab on Twitter. He posted this question to the talented artist Worlasi.

“You @worlasigh , all you know is sell sell. Once in a while , give the music lovers free work to bump to. This your behavior nor dey make your good songs enter street. I swear your #OuterlaneEP be one of the hottest tapes released in 2017. Make your music easily accessible bruh”

In a swift response, Worlasi responded to the question by drawing a very brilliant analogy between a seller being told to sell his ware for free

“Imagine I came to your office and told you the same thing. Give me all your products for free. If you don’t value my product enough to buy it others do. Swhy I love my fans charley #buymusic @KwameXceptional”

When did Worlasi release his first album?

Worlasi released his album Outer Lane in 2017 for sale across all music platforms. His previous works, the highly acclaimed “Nus3” and follow-up EP ‘’The Uncut’ were both released for free. This point was clearly articulated by another Worlasi fan Ju-de.

Nus3 which was 14 track album was free, Uncut 13 tracks also free. Abeg @worlasigh make you no worry, just as the words in #motivation in the #uncut. We the loyal fans and worlarmy would buy and attend the lil shows till we fill up the stadium

Ghanaian artists have been criticized by many for their inability to build a brand that rivals those of their Nigerian counterparts who have become global superstars. One thing many forget is that, for Ghanaian artists to grow and out quality albums, they need strong financial backing. One way to accrue that kind of money is through selling their works.

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It is therefore, unfair for fans to expect the artists they love to put out their music for free. It’s either such individuals are phony fans or are highly uninformed on the direction the music industry is going. Dedicated fans put their hands in their pockets and buy records of their favorite artists.Putting free music is good for an upcoming artist but at a point, they have to recoup back their investments and hard work by selling their music.

By: Swaye Kidd / GhKings.Com / Ghana Music

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