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Worlasi not a believer of the Bible

Religion is the bedrock of our society, it is the light that guides us. It is a major component of our society but it is a choice. No one can force you to believe in something you do not want to believe in. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and belief. 

Worlasi not a believer of the Bible | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
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Take Worlasi for instance, he derives inspiration from the Bible, he respects it but he does not believe in it.

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He further explained that, even though he gets inspiration from the Holy Book, he still does not believe in It. “If you say believe, I don’t know what you mean by believe but I wouldn’t say I believe in the Bible. Yeah, I respect the Bible anyway.” He told Zylofon FM . When asked if he goes to church, he said “Once in a while, I think I do.”

In a contradicting statement, he said that, he also takes inspiration from the Bible and he can as well take inspiration from the Qur’an because he may find knowledge. “I cannot tell you that I have to believe in Allah before I read the Qur’an, it doesn’t make any sense. I can read the Qur’an for inspiration.”

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Worlasi is known to make music in four different languages; Ewe, Twi, Pidgin English and English language, Worlasi recently released an animated video for his new song “Booze High” off his “Outlane” EP. On this EP, Worlasi challenges himself even more by stepping out of his comfort zone to experiment with different music forms by collaborating with multiple producers; something he has kept to the very minimum.


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