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You Can Now Buy Ghana Dancing Pallbearer Figurines

Proving that there is simply no subject people won’t try and cash in on, a company has created figurines of the viral Ghana Dancing Pallbearers.

Hong Kong-based JMG 1/64 Miniatures sells various teeny dolls and the latest collection is based on the Ghana pallbearers who have recently been splashed all over the internet due to their dancing.

There are two sets to choose from, which will set you back either £39.64 (280gh) or £32.36 (229gh) depending on which set you want. And you’ll have to add shipping on to that cost, too.

Set A comes complete with seven people and a coffin, while Set B as five people – four of which are crawling – and a coffin. Tough choice, eh? You could always go all out and buy both.

The dancing troupe can make your funeral a bit less doom and gloom, if that’s what you fancy.

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