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Zylofon to the world, Zylofon is illuminated, Zylofon sees far

We live in a supernatural world, let nobody lie to you about that. Some of these forces are more popular than some. Today Zylofon Media CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah, made posts alluding to Horus.

Zylofon to the world, Zylofon is illuminated, Zylofon sees far | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

Zylofon Media has not been around for long. Its CEO Nana Appiah Mensah too was not well-known till Zylofon arrived. Many Ghanaians have questioned the source of his wealth. Ibrah Wan went as far as to state that he is a money launderer amongst other things, this is not an attempt to besmirch the good name of the business magnate but rather simply stating facts. Today he made posts on his official Instagram account boldly fronting the symbols of Horus.

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The All-Seeing Eye of Horus is a well-known symbol. Some argue it is good, some argue it is bad. Truth be told we cannot say for sure because well the group supposedly behind its use have their activities shrouded in secrecy. We live in age where freedom of speech is at its acme. You are free to say whatever you want, armed by social media you can even sway people to your way of thinking from the comfort of your home. Egyptian mythology states that Horus is the protector of monarchies. That was to the ancient Egyptians but for those of us alive today it means something totally different.

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We have come to see it as the insignia of the Illuminati, a supposed secret society with nefarious plans for the world and its inhabitants. They are super rich people who control everything in the shadows, they see all and they know all. Hence the name Illuminati, which translates to enlightenment. Perhaps it is a mistake, maybe his account was hacked who knows. Or maybe Zylofon is enlightened and can see very far.



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